The competition has been in existence since 1972. It is wholly organised and run by staff member of the School of Mathematics and Statistics at The University of Melbourne. The competition is of a demanding standard, designed to identify real mathematical talent. Between 3000 and 5000 students enter, and some 150 are awarded prizes. The nature of the problems is different from that encountered in school mathematics syllabi, being less mechanical and requiring a higher level of mathematical insight and creativity. As such, participation is likely to be rewarding only to those students who have a real love for, and ability in, mathematics.

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The competition is separated into three divisions:
Junior Division - Students in years 7 and 8 sit a two hour exam
Intermediate Division - Students in years 9 and 10 sit a three hour exam
Senior Division - Students in years 11 and 12 sit a three hour exam

Textbooks are NOT allowed. Electronic calculators, tables, etc., may NOT be used. Computers may NOT be used. Otherwise normal examination conditions apply. The use of dictionaries (including electronic) is allowed during the competition, provided that they are for the purpose of syntactical understanding and contain no mathematics or calculational ability.

Results will be uploaded onto the website when the marking is completed, around early to mid-August.

Prize winners will be invited to the awards ceremony around late August.

6D's Steps

The 6Ds of Solution Fluency are an essential system for building problem-solving prowess and strong critical thinking capacity. These 6Ds are Define, Discover, Dream, Design, Deliver, and Debrief. Each step is described below.

Our Approach

The children of today will be the leaders and architects of tomorrow. That’s why they will need a process they can internalize to face challenges and problems that haven’t even been realized yet. At InspoTuition We will go through each of the following 6-D steps to ensure students are learning the basics of critical thinking and problem-solving.